A long story made short.



I'm known for my resourcefulness, innovative solutions, and abilities to connect the right people, places and things the right way. I currently reside in Austin, Texas, though I was born and raised in the city of Sāo Paulo, Brazil. Texas and Brazil have much in common in that the people are intensely passionate, the landscapes are wild and extreme, and the cities possess architecture that is very much about its place as it is about its time and purpose.  

I'm equally fascinated by the psychological implications of architecture and design as I am inspired by the importance of well-integrated environments, systems, and experiences. The big picture is just as important to me as the finest detail.

My design process embraces complex procedures and variables, finds liberation in constraints and obstacles, and leverages opportunity strengths through rigorous iteration to arrive at holistically successful resolutions. As a result, these resolutions articulate and accentuate memory, tradition, ritual, and desire through design to create relevant and long-lasting architecture.

Strategies I develop, designs I create, and places I make are complete in thought, performance, and experience. Good design is cognizant of sensory effects, responsive to technical parameters, and achieves a quality as a whole greater than a sum of its part - and does so without compromise. Great design takes it one step further through open collaboration, clear intentions, and utilizing a well-defined thesis to guide the way.

Some Details:

I'm a Licensed Architect registered in Texas, a Member of the American Institute of Architects, certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, and practice as an Architect + Project Manager with MF Architecture where my focus is on commercial, residential, institutional and theoretical architecture - while continuing to research psychologically involved design.

Research and work I've developed have been published at all scales from local to international as well as praised with honors through exhibitions, awards, lectures and presentations in Austin and New York City, including specialty awards for research regarding a school for children with Autism on North Brother Island in New York City (with Frances Peterson, ASLA) and the redevelopment of London's Victoria Station in England (with Nelly Fuentes, MLA, MSUD). 

Since 2014, I've provided consulting services and presented research to various architects, engineers, public agencies, professional conventions and school bodies in Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Cyprus. The intent is to develop evidence-based design standards to improve architectural and designed landscape environments in order for more beneficial spaces to exist in addressing Autism Spectrum Disorder. Related to this, I volunteer and serve as an Advisory Board Member for Magic Always Happens - a multi-disciplinary non-profit organization focused on Autism. 

While at The University of Texas, my work was honored in the 2013 AIA National Emerging Professional exhibition, I served as a Teaching Assistant/Supplemental Instructor, contributed 14 design studio projects to National Architectural and Landscape Architectural Accreditation Boards, and presented research and work at the VOICE Forum and at the Environmental Science Institute's Hot Science:Cool Talks.

Presently, I serve as a guest critic at UT's School of Architecture where during design reviews for Undergraduate and Graduate students I'm able to impart my practical knowledge and the creative freedom that's been shared with me over the years.